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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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look at what covered the ground in northampton county. a viewer sent these pictures of hail on the ground. looks like it was a mix of hail and a little rain. and this picture of a possible funnel cloud over a farm in chester county this afternoon. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen has been tracking these storms all afternoon. very busy afternoon. another threat tonight? >> yeah. the threat's going to go until 8:00 tonight. it's pretty much the same severe thunderstorm threat we have been under this afternoon so we are going to keep watching for any strong storms. locally we still do have pretty strong storms in parts of new jersey, right across the river from philadelphia. that's where you saw the dark clouds on our adventure aquarium camera. gloucester up to west deptford seeing heavy rain. also near williamstown, with an indication of hail. we have been seeing this in almost every storm today, hail indicators reports of hail and hail size possibly about an inch or so near clayton and parts of
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new jersey. these storms are continuing to travel up to the northeast right around 25 miles an hour or so. they are going to be skimming south philly right about now. willingboro across 295 up towards mercer county hamilton seeing the rain as well. this is all traveling in this general direction along the i-95 corridor. heavy rain heading towards moorestown very soon. one thunderstorm is heading to the northeast so if it holds together it will be near robson by about 6:30 making its way into berks county. other than that the poconos still seeing thunderstorms here for carbon and monroe county. pretty strong thunderstorms here, too. coming up i will keep tracking the storms and show you when we will dry out and of course, a look at your fourth of july forecast. to some of the images of the aftermath this afternoon. nbc 10's mitch blacher has been in storm force 10 on the lookout for damage in the lehigh valley. you found trees down in coplay, lehigh county?
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>> reporter: yeah we were driving around coplay here in the lehigh valley and stumbled upon this tree down. the crews made quick work of a lot of the trees. they say more than 100 trees are down in coplay alone. they left this to move on to another street. you want to get a sense of the sheer power of the storm that came through here take a look between these two houses through the alleyway. you can see a tree snapped clean in half. we talked to some of the residents who described what they saw when the storm came through. >> basically couldn't see anything. there was nothing but water, wind, lots of -- you couldn't see maybe 20 feet in front of you. we had hail bigger than golf ball size. had a small creek running through my backyard here. the water was about a foot and a half deep here. it was crazy. it really was crazy. i never seen it like that. i've lived here all my life. i have never seen anything like that. not around here, haven't.
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>> reporter: here in the street this was entirely flooded with water. we are hearing widespread reports of flash flooding. you can actually see where the water picked up all of this debris. we are told that is actually where the water line made its way as this storm came through here in coplay. about 100 trees down as crews continue to clean up. they are making pretty quick work of the damage we have seen. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> check out these pictures in honeybrook chester county. this is the golf course. boy, dark clouds low clouds in the sky there. honeybrook was under the tornado warning around 3:00 this afternoon. what's going on behind that house there? looks like that cloud was almost touching down. check out the weather pictures on with the severe weather, make sure you have the nbc 10 app to get weather emergency updates while away from the television.
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88 days is the countdown until the pope arrives in philadelphia. today, the vatican released the pope's official schedule for his trip to philly. nbc 10's keith jones joining us with a look at where people can see the pope. it's not just on the parkway, is it? >> reporter: that's right. the pope's schedule is out. we now know where you can get a chance to see him in philadelphia. the first thing on the saturday agenda is right there, the mass at the cathedral basilica of ss. peter and paul scheduled for 10:30. the very next thing is saturday afternoon at 4:45. pope francis will visit independence mall. that's something new that came out just today. at 7:30 the main event, the festival of families along the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. sunday morning at 9:15 pope francis meets with the bishops at st. charles borromeo seminary. pope francis will greet prisoners at 11:00 a.m.
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finally, the grand finale at 4:00. that's what we have been waiting for. the start time of the mass to wrap up the world meeting of families that takes place on the parkway. the pope flies out of philadelphia back to rome then sunday night, you can find his entire itinerary and a list of events for the world meeting of families on our nbc 10 news app. i'm keith jones. jim? businesses and people living near independence mall will be impacted by the pope's visit. no doubt about that. should they stay or go? nbc 10's deanna durante joining us from olde city. >> reporter: a lot of people are planning. of course they know it's welcome america and made in america. we have had a lot of festivals with a lot of big crowds but this crowd is surely going to be the biggest. >> nobody's come up with a plan for the restaurant workers. all these people are coming to town with no plan for the people that have to work it. how are you supposed to get to work? >> reporter: she's too busy to give her name. it's the lunch rush. if the pope brings millions of people to the parkway, she's not
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sure how all the crowds will be fed. >> we will have two million people coming down to the parkway. it will be a lot of traffic. >> reporter: he lives next to the art museum and already started to plan. >> i think we will plan ahead and make sure we have everything kind of settled where we need to. we will try to minimize the amount of going in and out. >> reporter: some who work along the parkway remember the mass in 1979. how different do you think this will be than '79? >> more security. a lot more security. we were walking when it was on logan circle you could just walk down and check out the mass. >> reporter: workers tell us they have been informed about security checkpoints in some apartment and condo complexes have been alerting residents as to restrictions. one says residents may not be able to get to their cars during the visit. in olde city the hope is the pope may come in for a taste of history. >> i think it will be good for everybody in olde city not just
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the city tavern. >> reporter: no word if the pope will pop in for lunch or not. they say he's got to eat. they did extend a formal invitation to him. some businesses say they haven't decided what they will do. they will wait until they get the formal list or final security list that shows what streets are closed and what streets are open before they decide if they will be open or closed. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. >> chris christie made it official this morning at his alma mater in livingston. the new jersey governor launched his presidential campaign. nbc 10's cydney long has more on the decision to enter the race. >> i am proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: promising to tell it like it is and to get real he promised to do what's right, not popular if elected.
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>> after seven years of a weak and feckless foreign policy run by barack obama we better not turn the over to his second mate, hillary clinton. >> reporter: supporters say the room felt electric. >> this is a pretty crowded ticket. does he have a shot? >> i do think he has a shot because i think he just needs to get on the debate trail. he tells it like it is. he's not going to run away scared which is what we saw in the last election. >> reporter: do you have a concern that not very much will get done while he's campaigning for president? >> i'm going to have to be patient. >> reporter: as supporters shared their excitement and pride in new jersey and patience with governor christie entering the presidential rice an already crowded ticket, crowds of protesters also voiced opposition. >> chris christie is not going to stand up for any middle class people. he stands up for the 1%. >> reporter: new jersey's teachers together with new jersey citizen action group calls christie a part-time
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governor even carting a resignation letter to the protest. >> let someone take over who can and will effectively govern this state and help the people. look at what's going on in south jersey with those poor people. where has he been? >> reporter: the mayor in hard-hit greenwich township still waiting for an emergency declaration heard from the governor today. sort of. he received a fund-raising e-mail from christie's presidential campaign. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> matt lauer goes one-on-one with chris christie. the two went back to christie's childhood home. watch that story tonight at 6:30 on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt and tomorrow morning on "today." christie is joining a crowded field. there are 13 republicans who have already declared their run on the republican side. the list is shorter on the democratic side. former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders, former maryland governor martin o'malley and former rhode island governor lincoln chaffee. tonight we have new clues
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into the murder of an elderly mount airy woman found in her bedroom. nbc 10's jacqueline london joins us with more details. >> reporter: today investigators confirmed that spun triedomeone tried to use regina bruener's atm card twice on sunday. they are looking at surveillance video from those areas. we also learned a neighbor found her car in north philadelphia. she thought this silver toyota corolla looked familiar. she checked out the plates then alerted police. officers arrived a short time later, checking that car for evidence. the 85-year-old victim was found in her east mount airy home yesterday morning. police say she had been beaten, stabbed and her throat slashed. the victim's car was towed to a police facility where detectives are looking for dna. reporting in the digital operations center jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. heads up for anyone who rides patco. expect several special train schedules thursday friday and saturday.
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thursday, more trains will run in the afternoon as people get a jump on the july fourth holiday weekend. fewer trains will be running friday because a lot of people will have the day off. and extra trains will run on saturday night because the fireworks and concert on the parkway are expected to draw huge crowds. florida developer glen straub says he will sue stockton university. that lawsuit surrounds a deal to buy atlantic city's showboat casino. the $26 million deal for the university to sell the casino to straub is set to be finalized thursday but straub says stockton has yet to work out some issues including a restriction that says the showboat can't reopen as a casino. stockton university is not commenting because it says the lawsuit has not been filed yet. right now i'm still watching the radar as more storms are heading our way. plus i have your holiday forecast coming up. also a swimmer missing down the shore after he went under. tonight, the dangerous spot as we head to the holiday weekend.
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all eyes still on our radar. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen will be joining us in a few minutes with the weather forecast. but take a look at conditions a short time ago in philadelphia. this is washington square.
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sheets of rain blowing right through there. soggy trip home for people in that area. rescue crews are still searching for a swimmer who went under in the ocean off cape may this morning. this comes as a lot of people heading down the shore leading up to the fourth of july holiday weekend. nbc 10's drew smith is live tonight in north wildwood. drew, you found out this is a dangerous spot. >> reporter: yeah jim, a busy spot for boat travel. a lot of boats dock here in the inlet and the open ocean is out this way. police and as well as firefighters have been working this search all day. i was just told they will have to suspend it shortly if they don't find this guy. another thing we noticed out here is how fast this current has moved. >> standing on the jetty and he saw someone floating by. >> reporter: marion describes how her husband started the day shortly before 7:00 outside their north wildwood home.
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>> we heard, you know screaming and so forth and looked over and he was in distress. >> reporter: he called 911. officers saw a man in his 40s struggling in the water. they tried to save him but couldn't get there before he disappeared. then boats from several agencies began an all day search with the coast guard flying overhead. neighbors say people have drowned in this inlet before. >> no big surprise. the currents out here in the inlet are terrible. >> reporter: wes took the whole week off. he will spend these days before the fourth out on his boat with his family. he wants to make sure people are safe. >> if you are not a good swimmer, put on a life jacket. definitely swim with somebody, not alone. sounds like this poor guy was swimming by himself. >> reporter: these signs on beaches warn swimmers about the rip current risk. neighbors say the inlets are worse because the tide changes can make a dramatic difference. you can get pulled through this narrow spot out to the open ocean in no time. >> we notice when people go swimming down there, it drags
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them. one little rip current or one little tide and it just drags them all the way down here. >> reporter: another big question here is who was this guy. police are still working to try to identify him. they are asking people if they have any information about this to call them. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. well we still have thunderstorms around this afternoon and some of these will continue into the evening. locally the storms are closer to the philadelphia area kind of skimming south philly around deptford, also near williamstown evesham township cherry hill and we are getting indications again of hail. so in some cases around deptford, mantua we could be seeing hail about half an inch to an inch in diameter. i think a majority of this will continue to slide up to the northeast. mount laurel starting to see some more rain from this. mount holly will be seeing rain from this soon and delran will start to see some rain from this
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as well. it's all sliding up along i-95 corridor. another thunderstorm in lancaster county with indications of hail that will move into berks county so we could be seeing that by 6:16 robson by 6:24. up in the poconos, carbon and monroe counties still dealing with heavy rain near chestnut hill. also near penns forest. we could be seeing pretty strong winds in this one with lightning and the heavy rain is going to continue for the poconos. thunderstorm watch continues until 8:00 tonight. with any strong storms we could see winds near 60 miles per hour. lightning, heavy rain and hail. and the flash flood warning continues for the poconos until 10:00 p.m. also parts of the lehigh valley. that is until 7:00 p.m. the green-shaded areas which pretty much includes all the lehigh valley and poconos, that's a flash flood watch which goes until early tomorrow morning. future weather here picking up on the storms. keeping them coming as we go
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through the next couple hours. by 10:00 tonight we could have at least some thunderstorms around. i don't think everyone will see these storms. we will have isolated storms. overnight we could still see lingering rain and models have been consistent with clearing it out for the most part for your morning commute tomorrow. i think we will still have clouds around. we can't rule out a shower but most of the rain should be gone for the morning commute. through the afternoon, still a chance of a shower or chance of a thunderstorm. still going to be hot and humid but at least it won't be what it looks like so far is widespread as today. your fourth of july forecast for the jersey shore and delaware beaches, friday and saturday looking nice and warm but we still have the chance of some thunderstorms in the forecast. sunday looks like the better day, 81 degrees and sundayyny. we could see scattered showers and storms overnight tonight with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow, chance of a thunderstorm, hot and humid through the day. mid to upper 80s. i don't think it will be as widespread and strong as today but of course we will track any
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thunderstorm threat as we go through the day tomorrow even for thursday. friday most of the rain could be staying to our south, south of philadelphia. that could be the coolest day, too, 82 degrees. the weekend, we start with a chance for storms and end on a sunny, hot note and the storm chance returns by next monday. i'm john clark. the phillies name their manager for the rest of the season. why a computer is now a big deal for the phils. the flyers keep a player they traded for.
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net. the phillies announced that pete
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mackanin will be the manager for the rest of the season. then they will search for a permanent manager. incoming president andy macphail will make that call. >> it's a good feeling. i'm happy that i know what my fate is until the end of the season. looking forward to doing some good work. every manager has his own style. because i have priority players, young players that we want to try to develop, i'm going to just continue to play them as much as possible and try to get them to where we think they can be to improve the team and move on to the future. >> the phils are also finally chaipg changing with the times, implementing sabermetrics into their decision making. they will have a new expansive data base. this is really something that ownership has been pushing. >> even if you were a skeptic you would have to understand this stuff just to know how your opponents were thinking. it's always been part of anywhere i've been. it's obviously gotten more sophisticated over time. >> we are working hard
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sometimes maybe behind the scenes that people the public doesn't see, but we're working hard in this area to move forward and move forward as aggressively as we possibly can. how about sixers top draft pick jahlil okafor in citizens bank park to throw out the first pitch. his hands are huge. this should be fun to watch. it may not happen on time. it's raining. new york giants punter steve weatherford created a stir when he talked about the eagles quarterbacks. he compared sam bradford to a ferrari that doesn't always start. mark sanchez is a cadillac saying he's not the fastest but you know what you're going to get out of it. conner barwin -- >> the quotes that were put all over twitter were pretty unbelievable to think he was -- to think he would say that. i found it surprising. i saw him back pedaling yesterday so i don't really know what was said. maybe it was a, you know a career move transition into media or something. i don't know. >> he didn't dodge the question. flyers will have a retirement ceremony for kimmo
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timonen in october. they will also honor brind'amour and watson on other nights. the flyers decided to keep center sam gagne. they traded for him on saturday. he's 25 hasn't lived up to expectations but says he has a lot to prove. and the u.s. women's team tonight has a lot to prove. they are playing for the right to go to the world cup final. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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take a look at these dark storm clouds over downtown allentown. this was as we were on the air with extended weather coverage earlier this afternoon. josh bingham, thanks for sending us that picture. sheena threat's not over. >> we do have storms passing by new jersey right across the delaware river. that's why the picture behind us looks so dark. you see the storms still moving through parts of new jersey up into the poconos as well. these are going to keep coming as we go through tonight. i don't think everyone will see thunderstorms tonight but we certainly have the chance still to see a strong thunderstorm.
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rain chances going into your weekend stay around. it looks like we could have some for fourth of july. >> have a good evening. tonight, prison scandal. after the escape the corruption investigation. a dozen people on the inside placed on leave, including the man in charge the one who showed the governor the escape route. also, the captured inmate reveals how they practiced the escape and how many times they were nearly caught. nbc news exclusive. chris christie's first interview as he jumps into the race for president. after that bridge scandal and sinking poll numbers, he tells matt lauer how he thinks he can win. air disaster. a military plane slams into a neighborhood and hotel overseas. scores are dead and an urgent search for survivors, who may be trapped. and point of history. as a woman who has shattered so many barriers makes her biggest move yet with a generation of young


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